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Introducing the Metal Madness Dry Fire Poster – Your Gateway to Mad[ness] Skills Anytime, Anywhere!


🔥 Unleash the Madness at Home: Unable to reach one of the eight exclusive Metal Madness ranges? Fear not! Our Dry Fire Poster brings the heart-pounding excitement of Metal Madness right to your doorstep. Transform your living space into a battleground of precision and speed with this laminated masterpiece.


🎯 Mad Combinations, Endless Fun: The poster features a detailed Metal Madness Lane and comes adorned with a sheet of cling vinyl targets. Rearrange them at will to concoct the maddest combinations, keeping your skills sharp and your home buzzing with excitement.


💡 Enhance Your Experience: For the full Metal Madness experience, pair your Dry Fire Poster with a laser trainer such as SIRT, Simgun, or Smart DryFireMag. Take multiple shots without reracking the slide, and record your times with LASR X or Classic. Your home is now a training ground for champions.


🌧️ Weatherproof Your Training: No need to worry about bad weather, lack of daylight, or the distance to a range. Our Dry Fire Poster ensures that the Madness never stops, rain or shine. Embrace the thrill in the comfort of your own home anytime you desire.


🚀 Pre-order Your Poster Now: Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your Metal Madness experience. Pre-order your Metal Madness Dry Fire Poster today and join the legion of enthusiasts turning their homes into arenas of skill and precision. Let the games begin, and may the Mad[ness] be forever in your favor! 🔫🎉


Metal Madness Shooting Sports Association Dry Fire Poster

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  • Need help with ideas on how to configure 10 lanes of Metal Madness? Here is a simple target configuration you can use as a guide.

    MMSSA Generator

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