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Have you ever wished there was a way to work on target practice without leaving your own home? With the LASR Classic dry fire pack, this is now a reality! This incredible training system will help you become an even better shooter in no time by constantly giving you feedback and pushing your performance.


You'll also get the full set of Scholastic Action Shooting Program dry fire posters. Now, you can work on any SASP stage regardless of weather or time constraints.


  • All posters are printed with a matte finish on 8mil polypropylene
  • 24" tall and measure between 36" - 60"  to maintain the correct perspective if you stand 5' from the posters.
  • Each poster has a 5' hash mark, so you know the height to hang the poster.


Plates and Rectangles sized to match the perspective from the center of each stage's shooter's box.


Don't let anything stand in the way of your practice – grab your LASR SASP Practice Pack and practice these stages today!

SASP Posters & LASR Classic Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Due to anticipated volumes, the orders may take 2 business days to process. When you receive tracking confirmation it means you order is en route.

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