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Have you ever wished there was a way to work on target practice without leaving your own home?


With the LASR Classic dry fire, this is now a reality! This incredible training system will help you become an even better shooter in no time by constantly giving you feedback and pushing your performance.


The Dry Fire Pack has the LASR Classic software (WINDOWS) that records stats such as draw speed, accuracy, grouping, and much more.  Your data stays on YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER (not in big techs cloud, unlike other phone apps).


Instead of spending countless hours at the range – not to mention a pretty penny in ammunition costs – you’ll be able to practice every day right in your own home. And since this setup allows for unlimited scenarios ranging from single-shot drills to multiple target engagements, it's just like being at the range!


With the help of this best-in-class dry fire system, you can easily track progress and make any adjustments necessary to reach peak performance levels quickly. So what are you waiting for? Bring your choice of laser training device, grab a LASR Classic Dry Fire today, and improve your shooting skills faster than ever!


An online User guide is available here.

LASR Classic

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  • Check these videos of folks like you training and talking about LASR Classic.  Click Here

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