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So You Just Bought Your First Gun. Do You Know Where To Get Trained?

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Hi LASR Nation. As we head into the Spring & Summer season, many of you are undoubtedly looking to increase your range time. But, with competition for your wallet between ammo--still at a premium--and your other living/survival expenses, you want to make sure that you're getting the most out of each squeeze of the trigger and trip to the range.

Number of Firearms Sales

You probably remember from the non-Fake news and talk at the ranges and gun shops that sales of guns to first-time firearms owners hit 8.4 Million in 2020. But do you know what that number was in 2021? According to a January 2022 article by the NSSF, that number was 5.4 Million. To give you a comparison, according to the 2020 Census, New York City had a population of 8.8M, and Los Angeles had 3.9M residents.

Folks seeking training

After answering how many guns were sold, the next question is how many are training. Unfortunately, from talking with instructors and trainers at the industry shows and over the customer support lines here at LASR, it doesn't seem like the interest in training has kept pace. This suggests folks may simply be purchasing their firearm and a box of ammo as the extent of their training. Additionally, from what I have seen and heard firsthand doing customer support, many of our new gun owners are in traditionally gun-UNFRIENDLY areas where firearms and firearms owners are hated, so talking about their purchase or asking about training around their peers can earn them a "scarlet letter".

Training for each round and trip to the range

We wanted to take the first steps and responsibly broach the topic within the LASR user community, so earlier this month, we canvased LASR X and LASR Classic users asking them to let us know if they were instructors or trainers. We then asked, would they be willing to share their contact information so other gun owners could contact them? The result is captured at the link below. Access to the list is behind a FREE opt-in page.

As LASR, we emphasize dry fire training as a foundation for your firearms practice--whether for competition, self-defense or work. However, it is never a replacement for live fire. Furthermore, there is no replacement live training from an outstanding instructor whose lessons you can take home and build your dry fire regimen. So, if you are looking for instruction or know someone who is, please use and share this link. Folks on the list contributed their information and background, so don't hesitate to contact them or their businesses if you have questions. The list may change from time to time, and we will contact you regarding updates, changes, and promotions.

Thank you for being the greatest part of LASR! We hope to get a chance to meet each one of you at a show, gun range, or on the phone, however, until we do remember to--

Train Safe. Train Smart. Train Often! (#TS2TO)

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