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For The Love Of Guns Podcast - Ep.34

Spicing up your dry fire with LASRX

LASR had a great conversation with The Rogue Banshee discussing dry fire and how it adds to a gun owner's training repertoire. While dry firing alone can seem boring or un-sexy, using LASR X or LASR Classic and laser training devices, you can improve the technique so that it is more realistic.

LASR X & Classic are great tools for firearms instructors to help their students before using live ammo. It is also a platform to encourage continued training and repeat sessions as the students grow and improve their shooting skills.

Ben and Jason also discuss how to save on ammo and get more out of every round you fire during a live-fire session on the range and the continued growth of the Second Amendment Community. LASR is an important tool for gun owners looking to improve their skills and those passionate about their Second Amendment rights.

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