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LASR Classic User Guide – Rereleased (Dry fire at its best)

To say LASR Classic has a lot under the hood is an understatement.

The original creators of Classic first released the application in 2014 as Program by Shooters for Shooters as a Windows Environment application. Since then, it has led to the creation of LASR X, our multiplatform application that you can train using practically any device.

Previously there was a users guide that gave a more in-depth look at the features and settings one would find in LASR Classic; however, during the change of ownership in early 2021, it was deleted and presumed lost. . . until NOW!

Thanks to some serious Powerpoint muscle and powers of concentration & Focus from Sam, our Operations Manager, IT'S BAAAAAAAAAACKK!

If you ever wanted to learn more about LASR (Classic), now you can by clicking on the image or the link below.

Click Here to access the LASR Classic Online Tutorial

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