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Felons are rejoicing! Many will be released on New Year 2023 in Illinois.

You should if you haven't seen this video by Guns and Gadgets. When a new Illinois law takes effect on January 1, 2023, criminals in jail will be released without bail. Ironically named the SAFE-T Act for--Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equity Today--it will do away with the cash bail system in the state. The non-detainable offenses will include--

  1. Aggravated Battery

  2. Aggravated DUI

  3. Aggravated Fleeing

  4. Arson

  5. Burglary

  6. Drug-Induced Homicide

  7. Intimidation

  8. Kidnapping

  9. Robbery

  10. 2nd-Degree Murder

  11. Threatening a Public Official

Other states are considering eliminating cash bail as well, so pay attention to what your politicians are scheming under the label of Criminal Justice Reform.

At LASR, I regularly tell my customers that gun ownership is not the end of the journey; it is only the beginning of a lifestyle. I mean that as a gun owner--

You can't just go to the local gun store, buy a gun and a box of ammo, throw it in your drawer, and assume you are now safe. If you don't take time to practice (dry fire, live fire and receive trained instruction), you have now become less safe. The worst time to learn how to use your firearm is when the perp breaks down your door.

Now is the time to train for a self-defense situation with your Second Amendment Rights. If you don't have a gun, consider getting one if you are legally able to because there is still time to train.

What does it mean for you in Illinois? Listen to Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow--

What do folks from CHI town think about it themselves? They are not on board with it as the Media and Left would have you believe.

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