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COLD-NO WARMUP: Local retired officers challenge themselves on a Greenwood mall shooting scenario

In any emergency, it is important to be prepared. This is especially true for situations where you may have to use force to protect yourself or others. To understand how they would have fared, a LEOSA Qual,40-yard a group of local retired law enforcement officers, recently tried an informal shooting drill using the same information from the Greenwood Mall incident.

From a cold draw from the holster situation, the drill's goal was to see how well the officers could fire their carry weapons when they had to take down an assailant in a public place. The drill results were mixed, with some officers performing better than others.

Thank you to our friend Sgt Don Gulla from

In your training, you can try a similar test using LASR at home with dry fire, Using the Greenwood Park Mall incident as a dry fire scenario Using the Greenwood Park Mall incident as a dry fire scenario in your training. | LASR (

See our discussion with Sgt Don Gulla discussing how instructors can adjust to the new environment where millions of new folks are joining the 2A ranks with their new gun purchases40-yard. LASR Nation Live - Firearms instruction for the new environment with Don Gulla | LASR (

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