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Airsoft Laser Attachment: Revolutionize Your Firearm Training With Dry Fire

The world of firearm training has evolved tremendously over the past few years., In an earlier multipart series blog post, I discussed the different dry fire trainers and when to consider upping your training with the next tech gadget in the continuum.

With technological advancements, dry-fire training options have expanded to laser cartridges and dedicated laser trainers. But what if there was a third route that not only provided a realistic dry fire experience (especially if you're in the recoil camp) but likely has a model of the gun you run? Talk about choices in training options!

If that interests you, you may want to look at this laser dongle for an airsoft pistol/rifle. But first, let's recap and look at the current laser training options.

Our LASR software ups your dry fire training sessions by using lasers. These lasers can be in the form of--

  • laser cartridges or

  • dedicated laser trainers, like the famous SIRTs or even the newly releaser SIMGUN, and

  • even recoil conversion kits like the CoolFire (if you use our LASR Classic programs)

All these platforms are popular. However, one major drawback of these systems is the limited number of firearms models they cater to.

Some, like SIMGUN's LTP17, are based on universal non-specific styles. Even the widely accepted SIRT that you see in the hands of many professionals is based on one of three major manufacturer models (Glock G17/19, SIG320, or M&P 2.0). If CoolFire makes a barrel replacement kit for your model, it will allow you to convert your actual firearm to a laser trainer. However, an actual firearm being introduced into a clean space still causes apprehension for some.

Even with all those great options, not every firearm model on the market is available. This is where I believe the gas blowback (GBB) airsoft pistol and laser get you across the finish line

Airsoft pistols are more plentiful and versatile and cover many more firearm models--true, I have seen some models as expensive as some real entry-level guns, but those are exceptions. With airsoft, you will likely find a pistol that matches your firearm for a more authentic training experience.

By attaching the laser dongle to the rail of an airsoft pistol and setting the zero, you can instantly transform it into a laser training system that matches your service weapon, EDC, or race gun.

Apart from improving your choice of training devices, incorporating airsoft laser dongles provide a more affordable alternative. Purchasing dedicated laser trainers can be quite an investment and may hinder some individuals from enhancing their firearm skills. An airsoft laser dongle is likely more budget-friendly and adaptable to multiple airsoft pistol models, allowing you to swap between different firearms for diversified training.

Another significant benefit of using an airsoft laser dongle is the similarity in feel and function to a real firearm. Airsoft pistols often closely resemble their real counterparts' weight, shape, and functionality. This means training with an airsoft pistol and laser dongle can offer a much more realistic experience than alternatives. As a result, the skills and muscle memory developed through this type of training will translate better into real-world situations. NOTE: Practicing actual reloads will still be an issue since GBB airsoft pistols house the air/gas source in the magazine, so you don't want to drop and damage them, or they will no longer be airtight.

Finally, let us not forget the ease and convenience of using an airsoft laser dongle. Attaching the dongle to an airsoft pistol is quick and simple, making it perfect for those facing time constraints. Additionally, the laser dongle allows users to perform dry fire training at home or in other safe environments without worrying about potential harm or the need for any live ammunition.

We expect a laser dongle to arrive in our offices in a few days and will run it through its paces. When we do, we'll post a follow-up article and images. One of the things we like doing in the LASR Nation is letting you know what we have seen coming down the pike. There's quite a bit of cool tech to keep dry fire from being dry!

Innovative and versatile, airsoft lasers can potentially shape the world of firearm training. What may have been reserved for agencies and departments with big budgets may very well be in reach of the everyday gun owner later this year.

Although I still have reservations about the reverse recoil issue we mentioned in the November 16, 2022 post, "Shooting Accuracy: The Dilemma of mixing Recoil with Dry Fire" I believe it may get more gun owners to train--and that is a good thing! So stay tuned, as there is more to come.

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