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LASR Classic

Dynamic Dry Fire

  • EXCELLENT! Does not require live ammo use with laser cartridges or laser trainers instead of real ammo gives you the power to save your ammunition and money, and you can train in places where you just can't use live ammo - 100% foolproof

  • FUNCTIONAL! Watches for laser hit, delivers shot diagnostics, use a second camera to watch yourself, shot clock and timers lets you truly see where your shot went and not just guess, even detects shots while moving or bounding, a true full scale training solution - Easily

  • PRACTICAL! Very portable and the ability to train almost anywhere using anything as a target provides you the ability to eliminate expensive systems with projectors or huge screens that take up an entire room ... it's never been easier

  • EFFECTIVE! Able to detect short laser pulses down to ~7ms provides you the ability to practice with recoil simulators when paired with a LASR Classic Advanced Camera - With Ease

  • DEPENDABLE! Installs onto a Windows PC environment makes it so you can use it in places where there is no reliable internet - 100% foolproof

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