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"Train Without Constantly Spending More Money". . . even if you believe you need real ammo to train!

There I was, the typical gun owner trying to figure out how to preserve my ammo but still stay proficient.  At the time, I was searching for ammo, trying to save money, and even making my own reloads.

The big problem was that it was a losing game. Ammo was hard to find, but so were consumables for reloading. That meant I had to either stop practicing a lot and just shoot competitions or come to terms that I might not have ammo when needed, which I couldn’t do either.


Video of an earlier version of LASR - Sept 2015

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened.  I rediscovered what I did in the Marine Corps about Dryfire and that it wasn’t just an old man’s technique but a time-tested way to train!  Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to get my reps in and also have ammo to shoot.


At the same time, I found ways to slowly replenish my cache because I saw I didn't always have to rush to find ammo or stand in line before the sporting goods store opened just to buy a box of whatever was left.

I planned to start incorporating dryfire into my practice routine.  So I started blending in some dryfire for 10-15 mins a day. But we didn’t stop there.  We eventually moved from shooting at light switches and dots on the wall to using a laser cartridge with one-trick phone apps.After that, we discovered
Laser Activated Shot Reporter (LASR), and we went all-in with all the plugins. As a result, we were able to recreate almost any competition scenario we could encounter.

With LASR dynamic dry fire, I now have a true economic firearms training solution that can provide shooters like me a way to train safely, train smart, and train often without breaking my bank.

LASR Classic Plugins

Plugins offer additional functionality for the LASR Software for everything from automatic complex scoring to self-coaching slow-motion videos of the shooter to review or send to an instructor. They are all fully integrated with the software and each other to be used in any desired combination and configuration.
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Plugin Bundle 3000px - Edited.png

SIRT 110 Student by NextLevel Training

A perfect pairing with LASR.  No more need to rack you slide every time.  This laser trainer is a dedicated laser training device with the functional features of Glock 17. This student model's slide is made of polymer, so it weighs approximately 4 ounces less than the real thing with a fully loaded mag.  It comes with a fully removable and weighted training magazine. In addition, you can customize your SIRT pistol by changing out the sights or mag release, and the rail is fully functional for attaching accessories and will fit in most holsters designed for the Glock 17.
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