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Convenient, Safe & Effective Practice with Dynamic Dryfire

End your frustration with getting regular firearms practice.

No ammo!

No range fees!

No kidding!

Don't know where to start?  Take this quiz!

Frustrated about firearms training?

"I just don't get it. I bought a firearm because I thought that with training, I would feel empowered. I decided to take responsibility for my safety and the safety of my family. I mean, between the high cost of ammunition, range fees, crazy laws, and the fact that finding the time to practice regularly after work can be brutal. Sometimes it feels like my Right has become a burden which I feel is just plain wrong.

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Busy Schedules

Work, traffic, and other commitments make it tough to train regularly.

Limited Range Hours

Limited access to ranges makes training hard or involves all-day weekend commitments.

Cost of Ammo & Fees

Ammo & gear aren't cheap and add up quickly, making frequent practice expensive.

We've been there, struggling to find the time and resources to train effectively at home with our firearms. That's why there's LASR.  Our dry fire solutions meet your needs and empower you to become the skilled and confident firearms owner you want to be.



  • Windows Based

  • Runs on a PC, Laptop, or Surface

  • Train with visible lasers, IR, and recoil*

*IR  and/or  high speed shutter camera required



  • Uses web browser

  • Runs on computers, smartphones & tablets

  • Train with visible lasers, IR*

  • Network multiple devices for room-to-room movement​​

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Does not require expensive projector systems or dedicated rooms

Great for beginners to experts and instructors or students

Build your skills and increase proficiency




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Achieve mastery of your shooting skills with regular practice and reach your full potential.

Train in the comfort of your home, and save time and money otherwise spent at a range.

Develop your shooting skills and gain confidence in handling your firearms.

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