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Train For Safety, Train To Gain Confidence, and Train Leading-Edge LASER Dry Fire Training Systems.

Professionals, athletes, and everyday homeowners everywhere train safely in the comfort of their own homes. Practice on your scheduleno ammo, no range fees, no kidding. 

Dynamic Dry Fire

A new way to train get moving.

Most dry fire systems have you shooting only at one target, or worse yet, engrains the habit of standing still.  With LASR X you can practice and refine all the fundamentals of trigger press, sight picture, sight alignment, draws, etc.

However, in a real shooting scenario you want to move to cover.  So when you're ready to incorporate movement, we are the only ones in our class that enable you to move and train in your actual environment.  Whether you're practicing movement to contact, room clearing, or movement to evade or escape LASR X makes it possible.

Get off the X with LASR X!

How it works

LASR combines your device with the tried-and-true technique of Dry fire into a revolutionary way for anyone who owns firearms to train safely.

Dry fire uses a firearm without ammunition to simulate real-world shooting situations.
LASR is a software solution that uses a camera/webcam to detect either infrared (IR) or laser light on your target. The IR/Laser light can come from your firearm (fitted with a laser or IR emitter) or from a laser training pistol.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Does not require expensive projector systems or dedicated rooms

Great for beginners to experts and instructors or students

Build your skills and increase proficiency

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Two solutions, one goal:

Safer, more confident, and proficient firearms owners

Our new online solution that works with any operating system and an internet connection.

LASR X running on a Laptop, Mobile Phone and Tablet
LASR Classic running on a Laptop

Our tried and true stand-alone solution that does not require an internet connection and works with recoil simulating devices.

LASR Video Series Video Player

Get our video series - for free

This is a six-drill series of exercises to help with grip, draw, multiple targets, and reloads.  

The only thing you need for this six-part video series is an empty handgun or an inert training pistol. If you do not own one yet, don't worry, you can get what you need in our store!  While dryfire will never replace live fire, it will help you get the most of every round you sling downrange if done correctly.

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